Isotopic Conditions of Capitalism: The possibility of Revolution in the Schizophrenic Philosophy of Deleuze-Guattari

Document Type : Scientific-research


1 Philosophy department, Shahid Beheshti University.

2 Assistant Professor of Shahid Beheshti University


In Deleuze - Guattari's schizophrenic or onto - ethic - aesthetic philosophy , existence is closely along with aesthetics and ethics ; an act of revolution that connects and binds formerly separate spheres . This approach to existence also requires a reconsideration of pre-existing realms. and even more so , a critique of any educational, social, or therapeutic institution that obstructs the creative process and the élan of schizophrenic desires . Accordingly , the capitalist machine and all its subordinate apparatuses , by limiting schizophrenic desires of desiring-machines, deserves more criticism and reconsideration from the schizophrenic philosophy onto -ethico - aesthetic point of view than any other institution ; However , the difficulty of analyzing the repressive institutions manifests itself in the moment of criticism because the subject of such research and criticism has an indescribable desire to axiomatize everything - even the revolution and anything related to schizophrenic philosophies. In this research , we attempt to look closely at the fundamental concepts of schizophrenic philosophy , such as multiplicity and subjectivity , while plotting the revolutionary path of Deleuze - Guattari philosophy and Its critiques of repressive systems and therapeutic or organizational apparatus below , and examine the routs of evolution and exit from the isotopic conditions of the capitalist machine .