Men and women, as humans, are equal, in view of the fact that they share the universal essence of humanity, while femininity and masculinity are accidental. So any perfection obtained by men is equally achievable by women and there is no perfection and rank beyond women’s reach even spiritual guardianship (Vilayat) and the state of the Perfect Human (Ghotbiat).The Holy Prophet himself, peace be upon him, regarded some women such as Imran’s daughter, the Virgin Mary, and Pharoah’s wife, Asia, as perfect humans. To acknowledge the nobility and perfection of women, it would suffice to notice the fact that God let them enjoy the prophets’ loving. God had His prophet, Moses, as great as he was, toil and labor as the marriage gift of a woman, Shoab’s daughter, and a woman’s action, Hagar’s Attempt between Safa and Marva, turn into a principle in divine legislation. From a mystic’s point of view women can even be superior to men on account of the fact that while man is the manifestation of divine activity, woman manifests both the activity and passivity of the divine. Furthermore, women smell of motherhood and maternity, such a sweet odor. As a result, they do deserve affection and respect since loving them is the legacy of the Holy Prophet and the way of God.