Different Meanings of Subject in Alain Badiou\'s Philosophy

Document Type : Scientific-research


1 Ph.d. Student in Philosophy, Allameh Tabatabai University

2 Associate Professor of Philosophy, Allameh Tabatabai University


The concept of subject is one of the most crucial concepts in Alain Badiou's philosophical thought. He uses this concept in connection with concepts such as event, truth and fidelity. in this paper we try to show that there is an obscurity or complication in badiou's use of this concept. There seems to be an inconsistency in his assertions about the nature of subject. Some phrases ascribe a human nature to it and some of them, conversely, have nonhuman implications. This inconsistency is caused various interpretations. We have recommended that it should be accepted that the concept of subject has two distinct meanings in Badiou's works. Otherwise, if we want to maintain a single meaning, some of his remarks about that concept will be ignored.





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