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Husserl’s thoughts and phenomenological method is one of conceptual resources of Derrida and deconstruction the overt and covert. In accordance with it’s normal method in facing with philosophers and their works , Der-rida acts both positive and negative. He was strong critic of Husserl and yet he is clearly deeply affected . Derrida’s critique of Husserl challenging the claim that showed suspend in the realm of epistemology presuppositions .The transcendental »I« is as the subject of such act . Derrida claims that the transcendental »I «remains out of suspension process in the phenom-enology. In addition , Derrida believes that Husserl is also one of the found-ers of the metaphysics of presence in twentieth century. Husserl’s metaphys-ics of presence emerged more in discussion of signs . Regardless of critical and negative encounter with Husserl . Derrida has deep away of his effects . Derrida in the development of deconstruction both structurally and material is benefited of phenomenology. Deconstruction in general came out phenome-nology and structuralism, and Differance specifically as the central concept of deconstruction, the result of the combination of the core concepts of difference and suspension, reduction and epoché. In summery this paper consists of two part . first section , Derrida’s critique of Husserl is sought and the second section , the impact of the phenomenology and Husserl on deconstruction and Derrida will be examined .


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