Deleuze: desiring machine and its components

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1 PhD Student of Philosophy, University of Tehran

2 Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Tehran


Deleuze’s theory of desire is based on the concepts of positivity and creativity; in fact this theory opposes the common Freudian psychoanalytical theory of desire in which desiring functions on the basis of an initial and primordial Lost, i.e. the experience of castration and losing the Mother because of Father’s prohibiting intervention in the infant’s relation with her. Deleuze, collaborated by Felix Guattari, try to give an explanation of desire in which, satisfying the Spinozist condition of immanence, there is no external and metaphysical force such as Freudian Oedipus complex which could universalize the structure of the desire and make its realization something merely repetitive. For this purpose, they introduce the formulation of desiring-machine. The creative and contingent aspect of the function of Deleuze’s desiring-machine, contradict to the fundamental subjection of Freudian desire to some kind of universal law and coercion. Furthermore, while the main normal Subject in Freudian theory of desire is the Hysteric, in Deleuzian formulation the default structure of subjectivity is schizophrenia; in other words, while Freud thinks of schizophrenia as a disorder and a deviation from the normal state, Deleuze sees it in most accordance with the creative nature of the Being; in his thought the centrality of the Hysteric in the Freudian theory of desire is a result of applying the Oedipus model coercively. Against, for Deleuze the subject is not an already being entity; it is merely the result and residue of desiring itself.


Main Subjects

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