A Critical Review of Peter Singer's Speciesism Argumentation on Animal Rights

Document Type : Scientific-research


1 PhD Student of Islamic Maaref - Ethics Education, Baqir al-Olum University

2 Assistant Professor of the Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy


One of the most important reasons for Peter Singer, Defender of animal rights, is that many human behaviors with animals are based on speciesism. He considers the rights of animals and humans equally and calls the human special attention to their own kind "speciesism" and considers any use of animals as an instrumental and incorrect use . In his view, speciesism is the same as racism and just as racism is morally wrong speciesism is also wrong and. In this article article, while examining and criticizing Singer's argument, it is clear that what is condemned is the unreasonable preference of one species over another , which in comparison of human with the animal is eliminated due to the special advantages of the human species because of the specific superiority of human kind is and considering the human specific position in existence the difference between behavior in the face of  humans and animal is different from racism and as a result, purposeful and responsible human use of animals is allowed And human superiority not only does not prescribe his superior view of the animal, but must lead to greater respect for animal rights. Without claiming the anti-racist logic, not paying attention to the difference between the dignity of man and animal and not paying attention to the place of man in the universe are among the criticisms that can be leveled at singer


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