The Relation of Action and Narration in Heidegger

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1 phd student of philosophy in faculty of literature in Isfahan university

2 Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Isfahan


The concept of action in Heidegger is related to understanding and projection. What Dasein projects is something like the plot in narration. Although narration is not a word of Heidegger, some commentators have a narrativistic interpretation based on historicallity and temporality of Dasein. In this writing we focus on a different interpretation based on fundamental narrativity of Dasein and its relation to action. Our basic thesis is that there is a mutual dependence and hermeneutical circle between actuality and narrativity of Dasein; They are both equal to understanding and projection, so coexist in Dasein' s existential structure. The aim of our discussion is to show that how our actions can be influenced by the way of our narration and interpretation of our life and self-understanding. The analysis of this influence has a basic role in our understanding of the way different narrations such as stories, films, criticisms and…, could affect our behavior and our self-understanding. We find that the understanding of our situation and possibilities can form the kind of our action; Every action as understanding, can open a vast area of possibilities which nonetheless stay hidden. This circle continues perpetually and extends our world.


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هیدگر، مارتین (1389)، هستی و زمان، ترجمۀ سیاوش جمادی، تهران: ققنوس.
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